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Original formula Replacement Brush Trio

$9.90 AUD


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      RRP $9.90

      Note: These brushes  are for the original formula black bottles, if you require the new formula brushes they are under new formula replacement brushes. 

      To ensure you get a flawless application with your base and top resins, make sure you have spare brushes on hand. An essential for ever DIPD Nail enthusiasts home kit.

      When replacing your brush, make sure you allow it to settle in the top or base bottle for 24hrs before using it.

      Warning: The brush will immediately harden when placed in the top or base resin so let it settle.

      1. How-to replace Top or Base brush:
      2. Open the bottle and wipe off the excess resin against a lint free wipe
      3. With paper towel, firmly grasp the brush in one hand and the cap in the other.
      4. Pull the brush until it pops out of the lid.
      5. Insert the new brush into the bottle (not the lid) and screw the cap on super tight. The brush will automatically get taken up into the cap.
      6. Let it settle for 24hrs before using.

      What's included:

      • 3x Resin approved brushes
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