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Soak Bowl Bonus Bundle

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      LIMITED TIME ONLY $39.90

      The Soak Bowl is the perfect removal solution with an innovative design combining a bottom container to house hot water that is safely clipped to an inner soak off compartment style bowl where you will add your dip remover or acetone. Add cotton wool to each compartment and place your nails in gently rubbing the did nails to dissolve.

      The Nourish and Strengthen formula is used on the natural nail plate to help strengthen and recover your nails so you are confident showcasing your natural nails. It is also great to give your nails a break from the DIPD Nail system. 

      Cuticle oil will hydrate and soften your cuticles and skin around the nail. This is a great hydrating oil enriched with natural oils. Our cuticle oil will help the appearance of dry and tired looking cuticles.


      • 1 x Soak bowl
      • 1 x Dip remover liquid 125ml
      • 1 x 8ml of the Nourish & Strengthen formula
      • 1 x 3ml Nourishing cuticle oil pen (rose oil)
      • How-to-guide


      Acetone propanone.

      Nourish and Strengthen: Ethyl Acetate, Butyl Acetate, Nitrocellulose, Adipic Acid/ Neopentyl Glycol/ Trimellitic, Anhydride Copolymer, Acetate Tributyl Citrate, Isopropyl Alcohol, Benzophenone-3, Titanium Dioxide (CI,77891), Trimethylpentanediyl Dibenzoate, Hexanal

      Cuticle Oil: Grapeseed Oil, Amino Acids, BHA, Natural Keratin, Organic Calcium, Safflower Oil, Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Sesame Oil, Vitamin B5, Silk Procain, Natural Pan Phenol, Thymol, Methyl Glucose Ether


      How do I use my DIPD soak off bowl
      1. Boil water
      2. Fill lower section of the bowl to half full
      3. Place the soak compartment on top & clip closed.      
      4. Fill compartments with dipd remover
      5. Allow to sit for 5 minutes and check that it’s not too hot.
      6. In the meantime, file off the top coat from your nails. This will help the acetone penetrate
      7. Place a cotton wool ball in each compartment.
      8. Soak fingers into the compartments.
      9. Gently rub finger nails against cotton wool to help dissolve the resin off the nails.


      For a detailed step by step guide on how to remove DIPD click here.

      PLEASE NOTE: Please keep out of reach of children, if irritation occurs discontinue use immediately. Do not store near open flame or high heats. Please always wash your hands before and after use. 
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