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Why do dip my dip nails crack and chip?

June 30 2024 – Nadia Stamp

why do my dip nails crack?
why do my dip nails crack?

Dip nails at home are fantastic however we ALL feel frustrated when they crack after a mere 1-2 weeks wear. No one has time to re-do them so regularly and nor should they have to. 

Why are my dip nails cracking within a week - 2 weeks?

It boils down to the Top & Base dipping liquid quality. Unfortunately not all dipping liquid brands are the same quality, no matter how well they are marketed and packaged, cracks will appear and you 'will' know.

If your dip nails are showing the following signs, you may need to reconsider your dipping liquids!

3 Key Signs of Low Quality Dip Nail liquids at Home:

  1. Cracking
  2. Chipping
  3. Yellowing

These are the 3 signs you need to consider upgrading your dipping liquids. Trying a premium salon formula will give you better lasting results.

4 Important Steps for Lasting Dip Nails at Home

1. Using Bonding Clear Dip  or clear dipping powder can assist with prolonging your dip nails at home. Use the Bonding Clear Dip as the foundation dip (the first powder dip before colour) and or to encapsulate.

2. Prepping the natural nail is important for dip nail application at home. Push back the cuticles using a Pro Cuticle Pusher and remove all invisible skin, use a fine buffer to help buff away the dead skin. Wipe over the nails using Alcohol Wipes or Pre-primer Spray with low lint wipes. This ensures nails are thoroughly dehydrated and wont lift.

3. Using Primer is crucial for lasting nails and is applied after you prep your nails. It acts as a bond and can help nails last flawlessly and crack free.

4. Make sure you are creating 4 dip powder layers to each nail to ensure no cracking. Once you have applied the 4 layers of dip, drench it with activator to set. Any less than 4 dips will result in cracks.

I've followed all the instructions and still my dip nails crack

If you have tried these these tips and are still getting cracking within 2 weeks then you need to use Premium Pro Liquids. Look for genuine non-incentivised reviews. It is also recommended you join a brands Facebook community to learn more about their real results.