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What is the Difference between SNS and DIPD?

These both use a dip powder system. SNS is a brand of dip powder as is DIPD nails. DIPD is an Australian Owned brand with all of its dip powders being made here in Australia.

Can I use the DIPD products with other dip powder system brands?

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee your results if you are to mix and match your products with other brands. We only trial and use our brand and system and can only help you with issues with our products.

Why do your bottles seem smaller and in plastic bottles, not glass?

We have trialled many formulations and packaging. Some of our products are a glue-based resin and require special brushes and bottles. They can spoil very easily if they are to become contaminated. Being the case, using a smaller plastic bottle has proven better results and longevity. We have chosen a better formula and packaging to suit. Glass bottles proved to have many issues including gluing shut and spoiling sooner.

How long does delivery take?

Delivery can take 3-7 days and can be effected by the current Covid-19 situation. We endeavour to get all orders out within 24-72hrs. Please note packing hours are dedicated to 9-5pm Monday to Friday. All orders are registered with tracking. Please make sure you place your correct address on the order. If you have any issues, please email us

Why are my DIPD nails chipping and lifting?

Thorough preparation is going to determine the longevity of your manicure. Prior to DIPD application, the nails need to be buffed, taking care to remove the dead skin on the nail near the cuticle. If there is any shine or oil on the surface of the natural nail this can cause the DIPD to lift or chip. Always wipe your nails down well with isopropyl alcohol or nail polish remover prior to applying the Primer. Another tip is to make sure the base coat application is even and not too thick.  

My DIPD Top and Base coat lid won’t open? How do I prevent this from happening? 

The Base and Top coat is a glue-based resin product which means if any residue gets on the neck of the bottle it can make the bottle very hard and nearly impossible to open! If this occurs you can run the neck of the bottle under warm water or use pliers to open the product – To prevent this from happening you can rub a little bit of cuticle oil around the neck of the bottle before closing it which should help reduce the chance of it sticking.

My brushes have hardened. How do I prevent this from happening? 

Brush saver!! You will need to soak brushes in the Brush Saver for 5-10 minutes at the end of each treatment to make sure brushes are clean and no product residue is left. The base coat is a glue-based resin and will harden over time. You can also use alcohol wipes to further cleanse brushes if needed. We sell brush replacement packs under accessories if you want to replace your brushes over time. 

Why is my DIPD Top Coat not shiny when applied on the nails? 

You may notice when you apply the top-coat for the first time the product is shiny and glossy as a top coat should be and then after a few uses the Top coat starts to look cloudy and loses it shine. This can be caused by cross contamination. If you haven’t washed your hands thoroughly and cleaned the nails fully of any surface dust or excess product prior to applying the Top coat and then any of these excess particles get trapped in the brush and put back into the product, the Top coat is then spoiled! To prevent this from happening you need to ensure you clean the brush thoroughly before putting it back into the bottle. We recommend cleaning your brushes in brush saver. 

Can I apply tips with DIPD powder? 

Yes, you can apply tips after step 2.  A tip to prevent the tips from breaking is once you have filed, shaped and glued the tip to your nail apply a thin layer of Base coat horizontally along the base of the tip. This will help to strengthen the tip along the stress point where the fractures usually occur.

How can I avoid nails from drying matte or they are setting matte in some areas?

Our tip is to gently buff the nail back, reapply the activator on the problematic nail, wash hand and apply the two coats of top coat, the first quick to seal and the last to finish.