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Before you begin:

Powders may settle or become dense sitting overtime & can create uneven dipping results. For seamless dipping, loosen powders by shaking jars while closed or stir with a clean utensil prior to use. To avoid cracking and chipping, use the Bonding Clear Dip as the first base coat and dip. You can also encapsulate your powder using the Bonding Clear Dip for a stronger lasting manicure.

Glitter Dip Powder Application: It is recommended you build your layers with the Bonding Clear Dip followed by dipping into the glitter powder 1-2 times depending on the desired coverage of your glitter. Followed by encapsulating the glitter with the Bonding Clear Dip.


Step 1:
Wash and dry hands throughly 30mins prior, allow the nails to dry completely. Push back cuticles and remove the old skin on the nail.
Step 2:
Using the White Buffer, gently buff the shine from the nail, especially around the cuticle area. Avoid filing or over buffing the nail as this will cause damage. Dehydrate the nails by wiping over with Alcohol Wipes or Pre-Primer Spray (doing the hand you’re dipping first).
- Start with one hand at a time up to the final activation step as you will file and shape nails all together

Step 3:
Generously apply Primer to the natural nail and allow to dry completely before starting the dipping process this bonds the base coats and dips to the nail.
Step 4:
Apply a thin layer of Base coat, 3 millimetres away from the cuticle area, fanning the brush, do not allow the product to touch the skin.
Step 5:
Dip on an angle into the Bonding clear dip powder and tap off excess powder. Bonding clear dip will help strengthen your manicure. You will dip one nail at a time. 

Step 6:

As you dip, excess powder will sit in and around the cuticle area. You will need to use the Kabuki brush to gently dust around this area to remove any excess. Do not dust directly over the dipped nail with pressure as it will transfer onto the brush.

Step 7:

Apply a 2nd layer of Base coat slightly closer to the cuticle but hold the brush flat against the nail to avoid dinting and removing the previous dipping layer. Dip into the coloured Dipd powder of choice on angle, repeating this for all nails on this hand and dust.

Step 8:

Repeat Base coat and coloured dip powder 3-4 times (not including clear dip). If the nail is still wet, dip again to absorb liquid. When using glitter, you may use the Bonding Clear Dip as your final dip to encapsulate. If you need more strength on long natural nails, a final Bonding clear dip can be used over coloured dip.

Step 9:
Generously apply Activator to fuse the layers and set. It may look bumpy, however this will be filed and buffed later in the process. 

Step 10:
Move to the final hand and wipe over nails with Alcohol Wipes and generously apply Primer to the nails. Once you have completed the second hand and activated the nails, you will be ready to file and buff the first hand. 

Step 11:
You must wait for DIPD Nails to completely harden. You will know if they have not hardened completely because when you start to file it will crumble. Use the Crescent file to smooth and shape your manicure. In a half rainbow motion, use the curved edge to neaten the cuticle curve so that the transition from finger to nail is not too thick and bulky. Use the curve to shape and file this area. Use the straight edge along sides/ boarders of the nails and file over the entire nail to remove bumps and lumps. Use the White buffer for final smoothing of your manicure. This is the final shape. Wash hands with water only and pat dry.
Step 12:
Apply second layer of Activator and let it set/dry completely for up to 2 mins. Do not wash hands or wipe over activated nails with alcohol as this will wet the activator and may cause the brush to harden.
Step 13: Apply first layer of Top coat to each of your 10 nails. Allow 30 seconds before applying the second coat slightly thicker and slower for gloss to each of the 10 nails. Hold the brush flat against the nail, not pressing the brush onto the nail as this will contaminate the top coat brush. Wait a minimum of 3-5 minutes to let dry.


Step 14:
Ensure your nails are completely dry and the apply Cuticle oil.