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Classic French Kit



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      RRP $129.00

      Bring a touch of classic back with out DIPD French kit. Includes our easy to use French dipping tray.

      Everything you need to create a lasting DIPD manicure. This complete kit gives you the 3 French dip powders and all the tools you need to create your dip powder manicure. This high quality dip powder nail system is designed for you to achieve a professional manicure result in the comfort of your home. A long wearing and effective manicure also widely known as SNS.

      • 3x 15g Dip powder (French sheer pink, French white, French clear)
      • 8ml Primer liquid
      • 8ml Base coat resin 
      • 8ml Activator liquid
      • 8ml Top coat resin 
      • Crescent professional nail file
      . DIPD French dip tray
      • Double buffer pack (soft and course buffer with cuticle stick)
      • Deluxe kabuki dust brush
      • How-to-guide

      TIP:  Please be careful when opening DIPD powder as is light and can spill easily. Have the Dipd Remover or pure acetone and cotton wool balls handy for a hassle free application. 


      DIPD Powder: Titanium dioxide, benzoyl peroxide, acrylic ester polymer.

      DIPD Primer: Ethyl acetate 

      DIPD Top and Base coat: Acrylate copolymereth acrylate, copolymer, glyceryl polymethacrylate, trimethylopropane triacrylate, benzophenone, magnesium, potassium, silicon (fluoride/hydroxide/oxide).  

      DIPD Activator: Dimethytolylamine, ethyl acetate.

      DIPD Brush saver: Nitroethane.


      1. Apply a thin line of base coat on the nail where it meets the tips.
      2. Dip your nail into the French Pink powder on an angle and pull straight out, gently brush excess.
      3. Apply base coat to 3/4 of the nail including the entire tip and dip again in the French Pink powder, gently brush excess.
      4. Prepare your French dip tray, we suggest filling the tray half way up with the French White powder.
      5. Apply base coat to you entire nail from bottom to tip.
      6. Slowly dip into the French White powder on which ever side of the tray you choose.
      7. Dip the entire nail into the French Pink powder straight away, gently brush excess.
      (Repeat step 5 and 6 again)
      8. Straight away dip entire nail into the Clear dip powder, gently brush excess.
      9. Apply base coat to entire nail and do a final dip into the Clear powder, gently brush excess.

      PLEASE NOTE: Please keep out of reach of children, if irritation occurs discontinue use immediately. Do not store near open flame or high heats. Please always wash your hands before and after use


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