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7 Hot Pastel Dip Nail Trends for Summer 2022

March 02 2022 – Nadia Stamp

7 Hot Pastel Dip Nail Trends for Summer 2022 - DIPD NAILS
7 Hot Pastel Dip Nail Trends for Summer 2022 - DIPD NAILS

The best part about the Aussie summer is that it’s the first season of the new year - meaning you get to start it off with some of the cutest summer styles on your fingertips and start it off just right! It’s what inspired us to present you with the all-new DIPD Summer Pastel Collection dip powder range, available in a limited edition value bundle now - all using our new and improved vegan, cruelty-free and allergy-free formula.

We know you’re itching to get your hands into these beautiful babies straight away, and so are we - but if you’re looking to be a little adventurous while keeping it funky summer fresh, why not use your bundle to experiment with these cute trending nails for the season, DIPD style? We take you through a selection of the hottest nails and the best colours to pair them with.

1. Glitter Nails

Glitter has always had a contentious rep on the fashion timeline. But with the pandemic bringing back retro styles as a way of looking back with nostalgia, we’ve seen glitter make it big once again to bring some sparkle to our stuck-at-home lives. And that’s why our DIPD Summer Pastel Collection includes not one but two dip powder colours to jazz up your nails with: Sherbet Glitter for a vivid, striking summery look, and Unicorn Glitter for an understated, romantic shimmer. You can either go all-out disco nails with a full cover of your favourite shade (or why not alternate between the two?) or use small dabs of topcoat and then dip for some minimalist bedazzle.

Glitter nails

2. Rainbow Nails

When we think of summer, we think of sunshine and new beginnings - just like a rainbow after all that rainy weather that threatened to play party pooper on our picnic plans. We’ve picked out every dip powder colour in our Summer Pastel Collection - from Blossom to Green Fields - so you can create a miniature rainbow on your hands, and the possibilities are endless! You can go for the mix and match, colour block look with as many colours on your tips as you want, or you can try an artsy look with alternating base coats and dip colours. The evergreen rainbow nail trend gives you the perfect canvas to experiment!

Rainbow nails with different colours on each nail

3. Nude Ombre Nails

Need a nail style that’s perfectly suited to a big event, but still want to show off the flavour of the season? Enter the ombre nail, the gradient style that’s making big waves this year! By combining your standard nude manicure with your favourite pastel dip powder colour, you get a look that’s both elegant and bold all at once: think the subtlety of an American manicure but in reverse, when it comes to application, letting the colours run in the same direction across your nails. We recommend the flirty yet fancy charms of Blossom or Cool Violet, paired with our tried and true nude favourites like Countess or French Pink.

Nude ombre nails in a pink shade

4. Marble Nails

Still on the job in the sunshine? Stuck inside working from home? No matter, with marble nails you can still pull off a super-professional look while keeping the summer spirit alive on your fingertips! Use a bright and bold dip powder colour like Bluebell or Cool Violet in a simple even coat, then top it off with some thin, jagged lines in a nail polish shade of your choice - we recommend a marble-like white or grey, like our Polar or Aireys shades. What you have is a creative, classy nail style that is simple but never boring!

Marble nails with pastel shades and white marble

5. Smiley Face Nails

Harry Styles had the right idea with this one, because we could all do with a lot more joy in our lives right now. This summer, why not put a smile on your nails to eventually put one on your face? You could opt for simple decals or our very own multicoloured smiley face stickers, but you could also grab a tin of our bright and cheerful Buttercup dip powder colour and Roxie nail polish and do it yourself all over your nails. Get funky with a variety of silly smiles, or keep it classic with the good old half-moon smile - whatever your mood, you have ten mini canvases to show them all off on!

Yellow nails with smiley faces in black

6. Bold Floral Nails

Now, I know what you’re thinking. “Aren’t florals a spring thing?” Well, ladies, I like to think it’s the colours that make the season, and summertime flowers are their own style icons. Move on from the roses and daisies, and say hello to sunflowers and orchids - bold tropical flowers that scream summer and give your nails a statement yet feminine flair. Pick your favourite floral decals or stickers, and pair them with your favourite dip powder colour from our Pastel Collection; whether it’s the sunshiny Buttercup, or the juicy Orange Burst, they’re every summer floral’s best friend!

Yellow nails with a sunflower decal

7. Coffin Nails

Finally, we have one for all you acrylic lovers out there - we know you’ll be wondering what the perfect shape is to enhance your nails this year, and we can confidently say the coffin nail is in. It’s exactly as the name suggests; the coffin nail (also known as the ballerina nail) uses long acrylics that are tapered and squared at the edges to resemble a coffin or pointe shoe. It’s a bold and sharp shape with a lot of free real estate you can use to experiment with any of the dip powder colours and pastel styles we’ve covered above, for an Instagram-worthy finish! 

Pastel yellow coffin acrylic nails
Have you tried our Summer Pastel Collection yet, inspired by these style ideas or come up with one of your own? Be sure to share your happy snaps with us on social media!