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Can I save money by doing my nails at home?

February 01 2021 – Nadia Stamp

Can I save money by doing my nails at home? - DIPD NAILS
Can I save money by doing my nails at home? - DIPD NAILS

There’s plenty of affordable ways to achieve salon-quality nails at home

When you start to add up the costs of your beauty regime you may be in for a shock. You can continue to be blissfully unaware about the rising costs or you can do something about it. Once you get the hang of a few DIY beauty hacks you’ll be amazed at how much you can save on beauty products and services like haircuts and nail treatments.

If you’re visiting a nail salon up to twice a month then there’s a good chance you could reduce your beauty budget with a few DIY beauty products. When it comes to cosmetics we’re spoilt for choice. Have a quick wander through your local chemist and you’re sure to find plenty of nail products you can use at home. Of course, you can also buy nail products online too. 

But before you start stocking up on nail products it’s best to weigh up the pros and cons. Using DIY nail products will cost less than a salon treatment but are the results worth it? The harder it is to use these products the more likely it is your foray into DIY beauty could turn into a big letdown.

Some beauty products are easier to use than others. Your first experience with lipstick and mascara probably didn’t go down smoothly but that’s no reason to give up straight away. Sometimes a little practice and patience are all you need to master using some of your favourite cosmetic products.

Another thing to consider with DIY beauty is how long it takes to apply. Our time is valuable. Not everyone has the time and patience to achieve salon-quality results for their nails. Luckily there’s a whole range of cosmetic products out there which are easy to apply and remove. A great example is our very own range of DIPD nail powders.

The entire DIPD range of home nail kits was designed to make a manicure at home easy. The nail kits we provide have been designed to make DIY beauty easier than ever without the hefty price tag or hours required for a salon-quality finish.

Learning to do it yourself

A new skill like doing your own nail manicure can be challenging at first. It can seem really time-consuming doing your own nails at first. But once you master the process of a DIY manicure at home you’ll be surprised by how much money you can save.

Once you nail the process it’s well worth the time investment. You save yourself the hassle of booking in a nail salon treatment. There’s no need to book a nail appointment during your lunch break or having to leave work early just to make an appointment. There’s also no need to compete with everyone else trying to book an appointment at the same time.

A chance to experiment with new looks

Home nail kits aren’t just an easy way to update your nail looks. They give you the freedom to experiment. Using home nail kits can be a fun little creative outlet. Fancy dress parties and other special events provide the perfect opportunity for you to experiment with new colours and embellishments.

Discover new home nail kits full of seasonal colours to help define your look. Finding new ways to apply nail colours and patterns is just one way you can create your own personal style. As you become more confident you may discover you waste fewer nail supplies too. It’s just another way you can save on enhancing your personal nail style.

How much can I save?

The amount of money you save on your nails really comes down to your personal taste. Doing your nails at home will always be cheaper than a nail salon because you’re not paying for the extra labour needed to apply your nail colour. DIY nail options that require the least amount of equipment will always save you the most money in the end.

You could opt for acrylic nails. But this option does require special equipment like an LED light. The same can be said for more intricate nail designs. If you want to start putting more detailed patterns and imagery on your nails, you’ll need to invest in equipment such as nail stamping plates and jelly stampers.

Save on your beauty routine with DIPD nails

Here at DIPD Nails, we’re proud to provide you with premium DIY home nail kits. With the release of new dipping powder ranges available on time we’re proud to provide you with a chic and affordable solution for salon-quality nails. Shop our range of dipping powder products today and discover new ways to express yourself with a manicure at home.