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Can you use normal acrylic powder for dipping?

March 31 2021 – Nadia Stamp

Can you use normal acrylic powder for dipping? - DIPD NAILS
Can you use normal acrylic powder for dipping? - DIPD NAILS

Today we are spoilt for choice when it comes to getting our nails done. We can do them at home or treat ourselves to a pamper session at a nail salon. There’s also different powders and nail polish we can apply to get the chic results we’re after. With all these options come specific products to get the job done.

When you’re buying nail products like nail polish it’s important to remember they’re made for a particular type of nail application. Nail polish is easy to apply on natural and acrylic nails. The downside of this option is it won’t last long and can peel and flake off in as little as one day.

If you’re looking to get acrylic nails done it can take a few steps to get them done right at a nail salon. Acrylic nails need to be glued on and shaped before any powder or polish is applied. Getting gel nails can also be very time consuming as they require a UV light to help them set.

One of the most popular DIY manicure options today is dipping powder. It’s a relatively fast and cost-effective solution for a manicure. It’s easy to apply at home like a standard nail polish. It’s also more affordable than a manicure at a nail salon. When dipping powder is used correctly, you can achieve the same results as a nail salon.

Acrylic powder is another fantastic option for acrylics. It’s relatively easy to apply and can provide long-lasting results. With its great results, you may be tempted to use it for other types of manicures. That’s why some people ask “can you use normal acrylic powder for dipping?” Here we’ll break down that answer for you and explain more about how dipping and acrylic powders are used.

What’s the main difference between acrylic powder and dip powder?

It may surprise you to know that both nail products are made from the same formulation. The one big difference between the two is the texture. Dipping powder is grounded finer than acrylic powder.

Acrylic powder is applied using a brush and monomer. First, you dip your applicator brush with monomer before dipping it into acrylic powder. This dipping action with the brush will form a bead on the tip of it. This dipping action should form a smooth bead that you can apply to your acrylic nail. A professional manicurist will usually apply at least three beads of powder and gradually brush them down to form a smooth layer.

Dip powder is far simpler to apply. Simply brush on a layer of resin before dipping your nail into a pot of dipping powder. After removing your nail from the pot it’s best to give it a few gentle taps to remove excess powder. Then using a separate dry brush you can brush off any excess powder from the skin around the nail. The steps of applying resin and dipping may need to be repeated until you achieve the desired colour and finish you’re after.

What looks can I achieve with acrylic powder?

Acrylic powder doesn’t really have many limits when it comes to the looks you can achieve. Acrylic powder comes in a wide array of colours that can add depth and sparkle to your nails. But as we mentioned earlier, acrylic powder is purposely made for acrylic nails. Its properties don’t lend itself well to being dipped or set on natural nails. So if you were trying to achieve a look with your natural nails using acrylic powder, we still think it’s a big no-no.

So can you use normal acrylic powder for dipping?

The answer is a resounding no and here’s why. Acrylic powder shouldn’t be mixed with resin. If you mixed this powder with resin it would result in a chunky and unmanageable formulation that wouldn’t be suitable for dipping or sculpting. When a formulation is too chunky and thick it simply doesn’t apply to your nails in a smooth way like dip powders are designed to.

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