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Do I need nail tips to use dip powder?

May 17 2021 – Nadia Stamp

Do I need nail tips to use dip powder? - DIPD NAILS
Do I need nail tips to use dip powder? - DIPD NAILS

So it’s been a few weeks since your last manicure. You’ve been waiting for your nails to grow back but enough’s enough. You want a new look for your nails now! Applying some of the best  nail tips available is going to be a quick solution. You’ll have longer, gorgeous looking nails for your office and social ensembles.

You can apply dip powder as soon as your nail tips are on. You’ll have a new nail length to play with and plenty more possibilities when it comes to what designs you can achieve. So if you can’t wait any longer for your nails to grow, consider applying nail tips to speed up the process.

The verdict

If you are looking to apply dip powder then you don’t need nail tips. Dip powder can be applied to your natural nails without using tips. There is no golden rule when it comes to what you can apply dip powder to. It’s just that a lot of dip powder devotees would rather increase the length of their nails before applying dip powder.

With some of the best nail tips available today you can achieve that extra length for a design in an instant. These longer nails provide you with a canvas for applying new dip powder colours, patterns and everything in between. 

Easy to apply

Another reason why dip powder is perfect for both natural nails and nail tips is how easy it is to apply. There are multiple steps involved when it comes to applying dip powder. But the whole process is so easy that it can be done in the privacy of your own home. 

There’s no need for complicated or expensive equipment like a UV light to apply dip powder to your nails. What you need are the basics like a nail file and buffer to help smooth out and shape your nails. A primer, base coat, activator, and top coat are also essential for applying dip powder. Little tools like a dust brush and cuticle pusher can also be used to perfect the look of your dip nails.

Building nail strength

Applying dip powder can also help strengthen your nails and nail tips. It’s a combination of the base coat, activator, and top coat applied with dip powder that will help strengthen your nails. So follow the application steps properly for dip powder and you’ll have stronger and better-looking nails in no time.

Another great advantage of dip powder is its longevity. Unlike regular nail polish or gel nails, dip powder nails won’t chip or peel off. Dip powder is also far less likely to dry out and make your natural nails weaker. These two side effects are common with nail types like gel nails. 

So make sure you do your research before trying out a new technique for your nails. The long-term effects of some manicure nail treatments can lead to poor nail health. Take the time to pick a manicure option that suits your lifestyle and personal needs.

Short nail styles with dip powder

With a lot of nail designs, people often wait until their nails are long enough first. So if your natural nails aren’t long enough that’s when it may be worth considering getting nail tips. For nail designs that don't require a long length, dip powder is perfect for achieving a new look.

If you’re looking for a nail design that will suit your short nails then consider something like a French manicure. Getting a French manicure is an easy way to take advantage of your nails' natural length without having to apply tips. Other design ideas you could fancy include a split colour manicure or glitter tips.

Finding the right choice for you

So always think about the options when it comes to your next nail manicure. Is it worth getting the best nail tips to extend your nails now? Maybe you should wait for your nails to grow naturally. The more natural length you have, the more resilient they will be when it comes to nail treatments. 

If you’re willing to wait for your nails to grow, there’s no harm in choosing nail options that suit shorter nails. As your nails get longer naturally, you’ll have more styles to choose from. So choose what’s right for you and don’t be afraid to experiment with shorter nail length styles first.