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Get Your Best Christmas Nails On with DIPD!

November 11 2021 – Nadia Stamp

Christmas dip nail powder colours

Christmas dip nail powder colours

We’re well into November, which means the festive season is upon us, and that means shopping! This year, why not add some extra sparkle to your list with DIPD’s limited edition range of Christmas dip powder and special gift bundles? Whether it’s to glam yourself up for all the upcoming summer house parties, or as a little treat to yourself or for that special lady in your life – we’ve got you covered to spread joy at your fingertips! Even better? All our products are vegan, cruelty-free and allergy-free, so you can gift them without hesitation! 

So why not take a look at all the goodies we have in store for you? 

Limited Edition Christmas Dip Powder Range

There’s nothing more cheerful than a pop of the right colour – and our limited edition DIPD Christmas Dip Powder colours are here to make your days extra merry and bright! Whether you’re going for a look that lasts the festive season, or want to keep the holiday spirit going into the new year and beyond, these gorgeous, infallible shades are sure to make your tips sparkle and rival the Christmas decorations anywhere.

Berry Red

Berry Red

Stockings, Santa, mistletoe, wine, the latest album re-release from Taylor Swift… the holidays will forever be associated with a good red. No Christmas ensemble can ever be complete without a luscious drop of cherry, and our Berry Red dip powder lends that sensual yet classy touch to your nails, whether you’re the party host or showstopper!

Candy Mint

Candy Mint

The holidays are all about sweet treats around special green, whether it’s under the Christmas tree or under the mistletoe – and our Candy Mint dip powder combines the playfulness and delight of both! A bright, summery shade that’s perfect for the Australian festive season, Candy Mint will put you front and centre of all the beach party pictures you’re bound to snap.

Emerald Shimmer

Emerald Shimmer

You can’t have Christmas without the sparkle of lights, and our Emerald Shimmer dip powder was made to perfectly complement the late-night festive atmosphere. Reminiscent of those famous dressed-up town square Christmas trees, with its deep green and understated shine, this glamourous shade will have you shining brighter than the star on top.

Silver Twinkle

Silver Twinkle

Silver bells, silver tinsel, silver stars in the night sky… all of those little things that make the holidays so special and warm, and that’s why our Silver Twinkle dip powder rounds off the range. Try it for a jazzed-up French style manicure or by itself; we may not have white Christmases down under, but Silver Twinkle is here to help you channel all the spirit of one! 

You can grab the set of these four festive dip powder colours with our Limited Edition Festive Powder Bundle, so your Christmas nails can look better than ever!

Limited Edition Christmas Gift Bundles

Looking for the perfect present or stocking stuffer for your nearest and dearest who’s looking to feel their very best with some Christmas nails? We’ve put together an ideal selection of gift bundles to choose from, be it for a self-care package or to spread some holiday cheer!

Christmas Starter Kit – 2 Powders

Christmas Starter Kit

We’ve all got that one friend or family member whose life is never complete without her routine trip to the salon. So why not introduce her to the joys of dip powder nails at home? Our Christmas Starter Kit packs two of our above-mentioned limited edition Christmas dip powder colours, along with all the manicure essentials you need to give yourself the perfect salon-style finish at home. Plus: our primer, base coat resin, activator liquid, and top coat resin now all use our fully certified, Australian made new allergy-free formula and bottles, so your Christmas nails stay protected and protect you. What could be a more special gift than that? 

Christmas Nail Polish Packs

Christmas Nail Polish packsChristmas Nail Polish packs

Why not go for an all-around treat, and gift yourself or your loved one a festive pedicure this Christmas? Our best-selling nail polish shades now come bundled together with our limited edition Christmas range, so you can get your tippy toes ready for thong season in style. Choose between our Aireys Nail Polish Gift Pack (Grey) or our Roxie Nail Polish Gift Pack (Black) for the holiday look that suits you the best! 

In addition to our dip powder and nail polish selections, we’ve also got a range of Christmas gift cards that are the perfect stocking stuffer for any dip powder or nail salon enthusiast in your life. Why not introduce them to the DIPD mantra of easy salon glam at home these holidays? 

We know you love your Christmas nails, and so do we – be sure to share your festive snaps with us on social media! Happy gifting! 

Nadia xoxo

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