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How To Choose The Best Nail Tips For Your Nail

October 29 2021 – Nadia Stamp

How To Choose The Best Nail Tips For Your Nail - DIPD NAILS
How To Choose The Best Nail Tips For Your Nail - DIPD NAILS

So you want to achieve that easy glam look that all the stars have been flaunting, and you don’t quite have the time to grow your nails? Acrylic nails and nail extensions have been every woman’s lifesaver for the longest time, and they’re coming back in vogue – but don’t let the idea of artificial nail tips daunt you! They’re perfectly safe to use as long as you make sure you select the right kind of tip for your nail. Once you have that sorted, you can easily stick them on yourself at home, and pretty them up with your favourite> DIPD dip powder shade.

Read on to learn our helpful tips to choose the best nail tips for you – so you can get your hands ready for that night on the town!

Know Your Nail Tip

There are three different types of nail tips you can purchase, based on the area of the nail bed the tip covers, called a well. You can make your selection depending on your personal preference and the look you’re going for.

Full-well or full-coverage nails are self-explanatory: they cover the entire nail bed, and can also come pre-coloured or pre-polished – though you can apply your own colour. They don’t require additional fills; you can wear them for two weeks before soaking them off and getting a fresh set. They’re also good for camouflaging any chewed-up nails you may have.

Half-well or partial-well tips have less coverage on the nail bed, so they’re quicker to apply and gain extra flexibility once blended and polished.

Well-less nail tips can be applied anywhere on the nail, and don’t require additional blending, so they’re the fastest and most versatile for use at home. They’re perfect for adding additional enhancements to your smile line.

Different types of nail tips are shown. Toe nail, well less, half well, and full well

Choose Wisely

Not all nail tips are made the same: they differ in thickness, flexibility and colour, and ideally you should look for a tip that is both strong and flexible: thin and sturdy enough so you can bend it without breaking. You can choose different colours for the type of look you’re achieving; a French manicure, for example, would work best with a white nail.

The material used to make your nail tip is important too. It’s best to go for tips made of virgin plastic; recycled tips made of re-melted and reused plastic are more susceptible to cracking and lower quality.

Most importantly: shape. Be sure to measure your nail and look for the tip shape that suits your nail best. Your natural nails have a slight horizontal curve called a C-curve, and this can vary in depth. If you select a tip with an ill-fitting C-curve, you’ll end up with gaps at the contact point which makes sticking them difficult, so make sure you select one with the right amount of contact area. Also make sure the tip fits the right width of your nail.

Check out our DIPD Nail Tip Kit for our full selection of high-quality nail tips and tools and find the right fit for you!

Keep Them In Shape

You can go for either straight or tapered nail tips depending on how sleek you want your nails to look. Choosing tips with tapered side walls will make your nails look thinner; this effect can also be achieved with straight tips by effectively buffing the sidewalls, and strengthens the nail.

Be sure to shape your nail tips to properly fit your nail, using a nail cutter or nail file. The tip should never be made too small; this will leave a large contact area vulnerable, and the tip may fall off in due time. Always oversize your tips – but be sure to fit them to your nail so they’re comfortable to wear.

A nail tip is applied to the fingernail

Things To Remember

Now that you’ve made the right choice of nail tip for you, you can go ahead and style them up with your favourite dip powder shade or DIPD nail kit. But don’t forget to treat your tips with care and give them upkeep every 10 to 21 days; especially because the natural nail will still grow under the tip.

Your fierce fingertips may get in the way of doing simple, everyday tasks, but with a little practice and the right quality product, you’ll be going about your business while looking sharp as ever – and avoid the risk of chipping.

Now that you feel ready enough to commit to the look, have no fear and flaunt your nail extensions with pride!

Nadia xoxo