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Keep it Classic: Easy DIY Steps for a French Manicure with DIPD Nails

October 29 2021 – Nadia Stamp

Keep it Classic: Easy DIY Steps for a French Manicure with DIPD Nails - DIPD NAILS
Keep it Classic: Easy DIY Steps for a French Manicure with DIPD Nails - DIPD NAILS

The infallible guide to classic French nails

If you’re a ‘keep it classic’ type, then no matter what year, what season, there’s something just so infallible about classic French nails – and you don’t need to be limited to going to a salon to get them done! Here at DIPD, we’re all about giving you the freedom to take your perfect look into your own hands (pun intended), and with our dip powder nail kits, you can achieve the perfect French manicure at home, easy-peasy.

For those new to dip powder, DIPD has the perfect solution for you in the form of the Classic French DIPD Starter Kit, which is what we’ll be using for this tutorial and includes all the French manicure essentials you need!

French DIPD Starter Kit

Your Classic DIPD French Starter Kit comes with the following:

Now that we’ve got everything on hand, it’s time to get your French nails on by following these easy steps.

Step 1: Prep Your Nails

Use the cuticle pusher to gently shape your cuticles, and then the block buffer to shine and buff the sides as well as clean up the nail bed around the cuticle area. This is to make sure there’s no pesky skin in the way and prevents the dip powder from lifting – read our handy guide to learn more. If you’re using fake nails, apply and shape your acrylics directly after this step!

Step 2: Apply Your Primer

Make sure you dehydrate your nails with rubbing alcohol (using a Q-tip or cotton swab) before carefully applying a thin, even layer of DIPD Primer – this is to ensure your dip powder doesn’t crack or lift over time.

Step 3: Base Application

Use your base coat resin to create an apex, by carefully applying a thin, even layer to three-quarters of the nail (make sure you don’t touch the sides or the nail bed just yet!). Keep your nail elevated and brush flat for best results throughout.

Step 4: It’s Dip Time

Now to get started on the dip powder: shake each container well, then pour the desired amount of DIPD French White into the provided dip tray for later.

First, grab your French sheer pink and slowly dip your nail into the powder up to the cuticle bed – for a more even application, keep your finger still and bring the container over your nail instead. Wait for 30 seconds, then use the kabuki dusting brush to carefully clean off any excess.

To prep for the white, apply a second even layer of base coat, this time covering the sides and nail bed. Then, take your DIPD French dip tray and, keeping your finger held firmly at the side at a 45-degree angle, carefully dip your nail in the white till you have the perfect curve. Quickly pull the tray away and hold your finger upright to shake off the excess.

Using the French dip tray to apply the white powder by slowly holding the finger at the side at an angle

Add a second layer of pink by pouring a little dip powder onto the remaining base area – this will make sure the colour doesn’t bleed into the white line. Make sure you always dust off the excess with the kabuki brush.

Repeat this process a minimum 2 or 3 times till you have the strength of the French nails you want.

Step 5: Activator Application

Once you’ve made sure your dip is dry, grab your activator liquid and apply a generous, even coat to the whole nail – this will keep the colour in place and protect it from breaking. Wait for it to dry for around 2-3 minutes, then gently buff the nail walls using the crescent file and block buffer. Make sure your nails are completely clean first with an alcohol wipe before finish!

Step 6: And Done!

Finally, about 30 seconds after your activator is dry, apply a thin, even layer of top coat resin to the whole nail – wait for about a minute for it to dry, then apply a second coat for that extra shine.

To give your French nails an even finish, it’s best recommended to do the process one hand at a time to ensure your glazes dry properly with no breaks or lumps.

Finished French nails using dip powder

Et voila! Your perfect DIPD French manicure is done, in the comfort of your home – ready to pair and complement any look anywhere!

If you ever give our Classic DIPD French Starter Kit a try, be sure to share your snaps with us on social media!

Nadia xoxo