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Why do my SNS nails lift and how to prevent it?

July 18 2021 – Nadia Stamp

Why do my SNS nails lift and how to prevent it? - DIPD NAILS
Why do my SNS nails lift and how to prevent it? - DIPD NAILS

Avoid the common mistakes to perfect your Dip Nails

Doing your own SNS or Dip nails at home is a game-changer but like any new skill practice makes perfect. The basic fundamentals are all in the preparation of your natural nails. Here are a few tips to help fast track you to nail glory. Most already do this nail self-care as part of their beauty routine but these are the important ones you should not miss for ultimate nail bliss.


Remove cuticle skin

It needs to be cleaned and scraped away. Skin repels your dip powder application and if there is dead skin sitting on the nail plate near the cuticle, your SNS nails will lift prematurely causing that annoying 'stuck in hair' issue. A few easy tools to help push back your cuticles and make them ready for application.

- A metal or glass cuticle pusher

- Cuticle remover and softener makes it easier to push away the cuticle; or

- Use your cuticle tool

Remove the Shine

You need to prime your natural nails especially around the cuticle. Just like a paint job, you sand and prime to ensure the paint will stick to the surface. This is the same for your professional at home DIPD powder, it will prevent peeling and chipping and provide a longer-lasting application. The best tool for this is your buffer. It lightly buffs away the shine from your nail plate. Pay extra attention around the cuticles as this is where most of the oil is but also sensitive to breakage.


Ensure dry clean skin

Body oil is a secret assassin when it comes to the premature lifting of your SNS or dip powder nails. So the key is to keep your newly prepared natural nail free from oils. This means avoid getting fingerprints on your nail and definitely not touching your hair, your face and skin! These are full of natural oils good for your skin but not for your dip nails that look like a pro and lasts for weeks. Your secret weapon for this is Isopropyl alcohol. Wipe your nails thoroughly after you have buffed the nail plate to remove oils and dehydrate the nail. This will also cleanse the nails, killing 99.9% of germs. In short, oil on the nail will cause dip nails to lift. So no oils, no moisturisers okay DIPD star.

Prime the nail

It’s important to use the bond or primer included in your dip powder system. The DIPD primer has been specially developed for the dip powder system and gives the best results. Following this step helps to create that long-lasting bond between the base coat resin and your natural nail, meaning no chipping or cracking. Another simple, yet crucial step to ensure that your dip nails don’t lift!

Avoid touching your cuticles

Flooding your nails with the base coat resin can make your dip powder manicure connect to the cuticle skin, which can create an air bubble leaving it prone to lifting. The best way to avoid this is to start applying the base coat 3/4 of the nail towards the cuticle and gradually painting closer toward the cuticle as you dip. Spread your base coat resin evenly from the cuticle end to tip, avoiding wiping off the resin at the tip of the nail. Then during the mid stage process use the curved edge of your crescent hand file to get in and around the cuticle to smooth and shape your manicure so it’s not too thick.


These are, the not so secret, secrets to long-lasting DIPD nails that last weeks, no random lifting, no getting stuck in your hair! Of course, all your nail kit essentials are available right here. Include these and you’re on your way. Nails like a pro at home, on your terms.

Happy dipping!

Nadia xoxo