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What’s the difference between Dip Powder and SNS?

July 18 2021 – Nadia Stamp

What’s the difference between Dip Powder and SNS? - DIPD NAILS
What’s the difference between Dip Powder and SNS? - DIPD NAILS

How this manicure system made its way to fame and stardom

Many people still ask this question, even until now. The answer is the Dip Powder System is widely known as SNS. The origins of this famous manicure technique has actually been around since the '80s. The dip powder system has grown exceptionally popular over the last 7 years, particularly in the US, seeing millions convert to this new style of manicure.

The Dip Nail Revolution

It’s no surprise that this craze has made its way to Australia and New Zealand. The reason why Dip Powder, a.k.a SNS, is so attractive is because it’s applied to the natural nail without the need for tips. This creates less stress and damage to the natural nail when applied and removed properly. People also found that their natural nails also grew longer compared to when using other techniques such as acrylic nails or gel, polygel, pressons and shellac.

The DIPD Nails manicure kit has been designed to attain the same salon results at home. DIPD was developed with quality, user-friendliness and convenience in mind making it the superior product you have in your hands today.

After trialling multiple dip powder brands over the years there were some key quality features that stood out. Here we look at what to consider when choosing a dip powder system that’s right for you. Here’s what we found.


Many at home nail kits speak in nail-tech jargon making the process unnecessarily complicated. So for me it was important the instructions were easy to follow and understand, and highlighted all the great tips along the way. Just like you’d tell your bestie, right?

Quality Powder

Dip powder is made up of super fine acrylic and select compounds. The best dip powders use medical grade resin commonly used by dentists on veneers. Investment in quality is most obvious in the long lasting and fine DIPD finish. It delivers a long lasting vibrant colour, resistant to wear and tear. Yep, fine looking nails perfect all those hard-working ladies.


Quality of the Resin

Avoid resins that contain formaldehyde, alkyd resins, vinyl, polyesters or MMA (methylmalonic acidemia) as they can cause allergic reactions, or even Dip flu. Our Resins are free from all those chemicals so no need to worry about that.

I know how important perfect application is in achieving the long-wearing ultra gloss finish. What makes a dip powder resin better than others is its ability to quickly dry high gloss and it’s durability and wear against cracking and chipping. Resins are the base and the top coat process as seen in our step-by-step how to apply guide. Resins are acrylate glue-based, so they can thicken up and clump with over-exposure to elements and extended use.

Quick tip: The thickness and coverage should be medium to thin, resins that are too thin will require more dipping as your natural nails begin to grow. If the dips are too thin you’ll have more nail snaps and breakages which can be very devastating and sore for the nail lover.

Inclusions and Tools

Each tool in your kit has been carefully selected to ensure you get the best results. Take stock of the included tools and make sure your Dip Nail kit is always complete with the essentials.

These include:

- A range of buffers to assist in thorough nail preparation and to finish the filing stage.

- A cuticle pusher to push away the cuticle from the nail plate.

- A crescent hand file is also fantastic for your filing phase of the process. It allows you to tidy your nail borders, shape over the entire nail and use the curve to file around the cuticle end of the nail.

- A nail dusting brush, use the soft kabuki style brush for longevity and best results. Whilst many kits may seem attractive on price, it's also important to check what's included in the kit as this will affect your ability to achieve salon quality nails at home.


So, long story short, whilst SNS has pioneered the reference to Dip powder nails, the dip revolution has created a community inspired by a need for beautiful nails that last. If you’re new to dip nails, or yet try, chances are once you start, you’ll be addicted.

Whichever dip nail brand you decide on, you should consider where your kit is coming from and if it's a local brand as you may find better support and customer service. Don’t forget to check out real customer results and reviews, particularly across social feeds, to help give you a truer insight into the results you can expect. We have provided real women real results and hand on heart, we are a DIPD community. We are local, so any questions, we are only ever an email or call away.

Happy dipping!

Nadia xoxo