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How to coordinate your nails with your favourite outfits this festive season

December 23 2020 – Nadia Stamp

How to coordinate your nails with your favourite outfits this festive season - DIPD NAILS
How to coordinate your nails with your favourite outfits this festive season - DIPD NAILS

Festive nail ideas and inspiration for Christmas

When the festive season hits, our social calendars are often stacked with family, work, and social gatherings. Are you the kind of person who loves to embrace the festive season? The one who’s first to suggest putting on a Christmas tree up before December 1st? Then chances are you love making your outfits more festive too.

Wearing red stockings or a knitted sweater is a great start but what about the smaller details? There’s plenty of other ways to accessorise your look for Christmas. There are subtle holiday eyeshadow palettes you can experiment with. Slipping on little festive jewellery pieces are another great way to make a festive nod to the season.

One of our favourite topics to talk about here at DIPD are the ways you can get into the festive spirit with nail colours. There are plenty of subtle ways to match nails and outfit ideas for Christmas and we’re here to break them all down for you. So when the festive season hits, don’t fret. We’ve got you covered for festive nail ideas.

Accessory matching

For an outfit with festive inspiration, you don’t have to go full Christmas. Not everything garment, shoe, or piece of jewellery needs to have 'ho ho ho' printed on it. Instead, think about matching the temperature of your look. Cool temperature colours are often associated with Christmas. Think about your shades of blue, green and white.

If your overall look is full of cool colours then think about how easy it would be to match accessories like your clutch or handbag. A white clutch can pair well with a set of blue nails or any other cool colours.

Jewellery matching

Coordinating with your jewellery is another way to match nails and outfit colours. Slipping on your favourite gold jewellery is a simple way to match up with other Christmas colours. Gold has a deep history with Christmas themes as it represents a present from one of the three wise men.

Emerald green is one of those iconic Christmas colours that doesn’t end up being too on the nose. It brings a festive feel to outfits thanks to a colour that reminds many of the deep green you see on pine trees and other Christmas ornaments. Wearing green nails will contrast nicely with your gold jewellery, adding a festive nod to your outfits this season.

More ideas for Christmas nail themes

All that glitters

Bright metallic colours tie in so well with a Christmas theme. Gold and silver tones can remind us of many Christmas ornaments from tinsel to baubles. Applying glitter nail dipping powder is an easy way to add some silver or metallic sparkle to your Christmas looks. A holiday french is just one great creative example of how you can put a festive twist on your go-to nail styles this Christmas. Our angel dust and silver snow dip powders are perfect for nailing looks like this.

Candy cane nails

Few patterns and colour combinations scream Christmas as much as the iconic candy cane stripes. These stripes can turn the festive theme of any look up a notch. Painting on this design is a perfect way to match nail and outfit options for Christmas. So if you get an invite to a Christmas dress-up party, this pattern is sure to dazzle and delight with the rest of your festive-inspired outfit.

Festive shades of red

Not every nail manicure has to be so elaborate to match a Christmas theme. If you don’t have the time to craft little snowflakes, holly or elves there are simpler solutions. Take inspiration from this design that creates an ombre effect on your nails. Simply paint each nail a different red to create a gradual change in shades from light to dark. The same effect can be applied to any Christmas colour you desire.

Find more Christmas nail inspiration from DIPD

Explore our DIPD range of nail dipping powders and you’ll find plenty of inspiration for Christmas nails designs. Our Festive Kit Gift offers a trio of festive dipping powders to help anyone match nails and outfit designs for Christmas. Our Festive Collection is another gorgeous assortment of colours to help transform the look of your nails for the holiday season. 

No matter how you choose to decorate your nails for Christmas, there are a few simple rules to follow. Always try to look for Christmas inspiration with the right festive colours. Think of your dark greens, reds and metallics like gold and silver. Don’t be afraid to look at the rest of your wardrobe for inspiration. Your shoes, bags and jewellery can always be a perfect starting point before you assemble the rest of your Christmas-inspired outfit.

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