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The top 7 dip nail colours for summer 2021

December 23 2020 – Nadia Stamp

The top 7 dip nail colours for summer 2021 - DIPD NAILS
The top 7 dip nail colours for summer 2021 - DIPD NAILS

Our picks for the hottest nail colours to try this summer

Warm weather tends to bring out the best of mother nature’s colours. As summer flowers bloom, so too can your nail colours. Your summer wardrobe is already full of light and bright colours, so why not match them with your nails? With nails to match your summer vibe, it’s time for you to take back summer. 

This year we’ve seen some gorgeous dip powder nail colours make their way onto our feeds via celebrities, models, and nail art influencers. New nail art trends are reigniting our interests in colours we haven’t seen on runways and photoshoots for years. Other colours continue to reflect the true vibe of summer. 

To give you some inspiration, we're sharing our top picks for dip powder nail colours that will heat up your summer looks. Use these picks as your inspiration for evening wear, office ensembles, and everything in between.

Brown shades

Shades of brown are fast becoming the “new nudes”. They can be just as versatile as nude shades when you pair them with cream and white ensembles. Picture a white summer dress paired with light brown sandals and a clutch. It’s a simple addition like a light brown dip powder or gel nails that can really complete your summer look. Stay on the lookout for matte glittered versions of these shades.

Shades of pink

Ditch the more muted and neutral pinks for something way brighter. Set your sights on a pink spectrum between bubblegum and hot pink. Pinks we’re a popular choice among designers in 2020 and there’s every chance they’ll have their moment in the sun again. Colour your nails pink to match any pastel dress including greys, blues, and purples.

Light blues

The Pantone colour of the year for 2020 was a light blue shade. It’s likely the obsession with this colour palette will continue to make its mark in 2021. It’s only been a minute so don’t be shy to keep experimenting with shades of light blue dip powder and gel nails. Light blue nails tend to pair well with white dresses, brown leather, and gold accessories. Darker shades like burnt orange and tangerine also pair quite nicely.

Neon green

If you’re not shy about standing out this summer then neon colours will help you grab the attention of anyone in the room. Neon green can be a challenging colour to match with but the sheer wow factor is worth it. Don’t try to match or overpower your neon green nails with everything else in your ensemble. Instead, look to pair things back. Opt for neutral colours when it comes to your dress.


Don’t be so quick to judge when you spot all the different shades of white dip powder available online. Applying white is one of the quickest ways to play up that summer tan you’ve been working on. The brighter your white nails are, the more your skin tone will glow in comparison. You’ll find white nails pair naturally with denim and white garments.


Melon gel nails and dip powders have been a style staple for years now and it’s hard to see other shades overtaking it’s charm and summer vibes any time soon. We’ve seen many creative plays on melon colour shades with many nail enthusiasts pairing the colour with light greens and blacks to replicate the fruits itself with adorable results.

Pastel yellow

Pastel yellow can help lighten the mood of any summer ensemble. It looks gorgeous when you contrast it against dark and deep skin tones. The same principle applies with darker items of clothing and fashion accessories. So don’t be afraid to give your dark stilettos or clutches a second glance after applying this shade.

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For more summer inspiration explore the DIPD range of Dip nail powder kits.Many of the colours we’ve mentioned for this summer are already part of our dipping powder collections. Handpick whichever colours inspire you to head out on the town again this summer.