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The latest manicure trends for 2021

December 23 2020 – Nadia Stamp

The latest manicure trends for 2021 - DIPD NAILS
The latest manicure trends for 2021 - DIPD NAILS

Our predictions for nail trends you’ll see all over your feeds this year

As lockdown restrictions ease, we can look forward to getting out and about more in 2021. While a global pandemic didn’t stop new fashion trends from emerging, now’s the time we can finally embrace new style inspiration outside of the house.

Many of us got to experience what life was like without a nail salon or even a hairdresser. Celebrities, working mums, and everyone in-between started to sink their nails into something new. DIY nail products like dip powder kits gave us the freedom to experiment with new looks and countless youtube videos showed us how not to dye our hair at home.

There’s new colours, textures, and twists on nail art that we’ve been dying to share with you. We’ve done a deep dive into the social accounts of our favourite nail influencers to find the latest nail manicure trends taking over 2021.

Pattern matching

If we were asked to pick one celebrity queen of statement nails in 2020, Billie Eilish would take the crown. The talented recording artist has stepped out a few times at awards ceremonies with statement nails that become a focal point of any appearance. On many occasions now she’s showcased how to colour and pattern match her nails with outfits. 

At the 2020 Grammy Awards, she stepped out in a Gucci outfit with the iconic designer logo in full view. Keen onlookers appreciated the square nail tips that were painted green and adorned with the Gucci logo to coordinate with the rest of her outfit. With trendsetters like Billie, it’s almost guaranteed pattern matching is one of those nail trends that isn’t going away in 2021.


We predict metallic colours is another one of those nail trends that will continue to dominate Instagram feeds in 2021. We’ve seen many variations of this trend take the spotlight with glitter and foils. Metallic nail colours can be used to great effect if you’re taking inspiration from your jewellery. These colours also pair well with metallic details you’ll find on dresses from sequins to metallic threads.

Take cues from this stunning ensemble from Rita Ora. Here she’s coordinated her mani by adding sequins to match the metallic fish scales on her sleeves. Our second example is a fiery addition from Lily Allen. These statement fingertips are adorned with gold foil that overlays the red she has underneath. A perfect match for the fuschia and orange tones of her dress.

Jelly stamper art

Ever wondered how some of your favourite celebs are able to get those intricate prints on their nails? Two words; Jelly stampers. These nail art tools make it easy to apply stamp art to your nails. The clear design of a jelly stamper allows you to see exactly where you’re applying a print.

This cute example of Jelly stamp art was first seen on Gigi Hadid last year. Her nails were adorned with jelly stamped tropical fruits. These prints match her summer vibe down to a T. The colours of her tropical fruit nails pair perfectly with the rest of her bright coloured ensemble.

Accessory matching

When it comes to coordinating your nail colours you can always look to your accessories for inspiration. Two celebrity looks we’re loving right now are courtesy of Blake Lively and Kylie Jenner. Both celebs took inspiration from their croc leather bags.

Blake matched her manicure with a clutch bag using an elegant ‘croc suede pattern’. It’s also worth taking note of how well her gold jewellery coordinates with the nail pattern colours. For a recent photoshoot, Kylie donned long claws to look more extra. This colour match doesn’t replicate the bag pattern but it’s still a great inspiration for 2021 nail trends to look out for.


As we phase out of another 90s craze that’s influenced nail trends, it seems that pastels will be a natural progression that we’ll start seeing all over our feeds again. These candy-inspired colours represent a more carefree and youthful vibe that pairs incredibly well with glossy topcoats.

We’re loving this playful design that Kim Kardashian sported for her Kimoji fragrance photoshoot. Her pastel pink nails are complimented with tiny faux candy pieces that make this look even more playful. On the glossier side of the spectrum, we have Rihanna’s glorious set of rainbow pastel nails she wore to New York Fashion Week. We’re in love with the gold detailing and holo finish she chose to match the look of the event invitation.

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