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Dip Powder vs Gel Nails

August 01 2020 – Nadia Stamp

Dip Powder vs Gel Nails - DIPD NAILS
Dip Powder vs Gel Nails - DIPD NAILS

Dip Powder Kit vs Gel Nails: The Pros & Cons

Life is made up of little luxuries. Let’s think about those small moments that fill us with joy - that first sip of coffee, the pop of a prosecco cork, a salon-fresh manicure. Unlike your morning latte or bottomless brunch, the joy of a beautiful manicure is that it lasts for weeks. When you’re typing or scrolling, catching a glimpse of your colourful nails is always an immediate confidence boost.

Even if you’re wearing your cosiest lounge wear or sweating it out at the gym, never underestimate the power of a glossy manicure to make you look and feel incredible. But what happens when you can’t make it to your salon? Don’t sweat it and don’t settle for that pharmacy nail polish that chips off in days. As every DIPD girl knows, no salon = no problem.

Looking to elevate your look with a chic manicure you can do at home? There’s usually two options to get the job done: gel nails and SNS dip powder nails. Both options offer the same polished finish in a variety of colours, there are five major differences between gel nails and SNS dip powder nails that you need to know about.

Application Time

Gel nails require precision application. Unlike SNS dip powder nails, you can’t file over any lumps or bumps, so attention to detail and careful brush strokes are key. Typically, applying a full gel manicure to achieve gel nails at home can take an hour and a half to two hours. It really depends on how experienced you are.

If you want the same glossy, durable finish in half the time, then try SNS dip powder nails. A flawless manicure in just ten simple steps, with DIPD SNS powder you can go from naked nails to a salon-perfect manicure in 45 minutes. That’s less time than it takes to watch an episode of your favourite series. No Netflix, we’re still not watching.

Mileage From Your Manicure

No one has time for constant reapplications: that’s why you gave up on the nail polish from the pharmacy a long time ago. You need a manicure that means business - without chipping, peeling, flaking or, even worse, falling off. Unlike acrylic nails which are prone to breakage, gel nails and dip powder nails are incredibly durable.

Gel nails will start to peel off around the edges, leaving you with unsightly chips within two to three weeks. If applied correctly, your SNS dip powder nails will have that same fresh-manicure finish for twice as long as gel nails.

In fact, the only time you’ll need to remove SNS nails is when there’s cuticle regrowth. Meaning your SNS manicure lasts up to four weeks before it needs to be removed, depending on how fast your nails grow. If you want a look that stays sleek week after week, you can trust a dip powder manicure to go the distance.

UV Requirement

The key ingredient of glossy gel nails is UV light. Gel nails require a UV lamp to set the polish and prevent them from chipping. The effect of placing your gel nails under the UV lamp breaks the double bonds of the resin in the polish. It’s what creates that durable gel nail finish. Without UV, gel nails chip in days like drug store nail polish.

We all know that UV exposure causes serious skin damage, so why are we placing our hands under a concentrated UV light to set our gel nails? Dip powder nails don’t require any UV to set them, but give you the same flawless finish and chip-resistant result thanks to a slick of sealing coat.

So with Dip powder nails there’s no need for any exposure to UV rays. You won’t have to purchase a bulky UV lamp, that takes up precious space at home. What you’ll get is the same professional results every time, in a portage ten-step DIPD kit.

Healthier Nails, With No Extra Effort

The secret to the perfect manicure starts with strong, healthy nails. Though supplements, lotions and serums can boost your nail health, the most effective hack to naturally healthy nails begins with your manicure.

Though gel nails may look strong and durable, the manicure process can lead to dehydration and thinning of the nail plate. This can lead to peeling, thin, breaking, discoloured nails and even painful nail beds. Over time, gel manicures can weaken natural nails to the extent that they are brittle, thin and so prone to breakage that they require acrylic extensions.

Unlike gel nails, SNS dip powder supports your natural nail health to encourage growth and repair. SNS dip powder nails are lighter than polish and easy to remove without drilling or buffing. SNS powders won’t cause any damage to your nail bed, leaving you with naturally stronger, longer nails that won’t break or bend.

Easy To Remove

If you’ve been caught short at home with your gel manicure while the salons are closed, you’ll know that even when they start to peel and chip, gel nails do not budge. You’ll need to take a salon-grade nail drill to your nails to buffer the top layer of gel, then rub off the rest with acetone. Though tempting, ripping off the gel when it starts to chip will cause serious damage to your nails.

Take a drill to our nails? No thanks. Though ultra-durable, when the time comes to remove your dip powder manicure, all you need is acetone DIP remover. No drilling. No buffing. Save the power tools for DIY, your dip powder nails simply soak off. 


So are you ready to join the manicure revolution? It’s time to get DIPD. Your Starter DIPD Kit is available online to buy right now.