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The Top 10 Dip Nail Colours for Summer 2022

January 03 2022 – Nadia Stamp

The Top 10 Dip Nail Colours for Summer 2022 - DIPD NAILS
The Top 10 Dip Nail Colours for Summer 2022 - DIPD NAILS

The silly, sunny season is finally upon us, even though El Niña may be disrupting our plans for the perfect summer vacay - but maybe what the old girl really needs is a manicure to lighten up her spirits. Better still, a salon-style dip powder nail treatment she can do in the comfort of her home, rather than come all the way down to Australia! You’ve got the drift, so why not get your own summer nails on with DIPD and our range of trending dip powder colours that stay fresh all year round?

This year, the hottest looks are an even split between subtle shimmers, and playful hues. Let’s first take a look at our evergreen nudes and their adjacents, for our busy Hot Vax Summer calendars.


1. Paris Shimmer

A flashy, statement gold is an absolute must-have in every good summer look book. And that’s what makes Paris Shimmer one of our favourite choices for summer nails, with the perfect blend of sparkly goodness and understated glam. This darling dip nail colour is your answer for a season chock-full of events; up your formal attire game with Paris Shimmer, reminding everyone it’s your time to shine!


2. French White

Now that outdoor gatherings are back in full swing (depending on where you are!), so is the long-upheld tradition of summer weddings; the ideal occasion to flaunt some French White on your summer nails. Bold, bright whites are hot on every style guru’s list for 2022; so whether you’re wearing it all on its own, or as the statement piece on your do-it-yourself French manicure, our classic French White dip nail colour ticks all the boxes for a mature, statement finish.


3. Creme Brȗlée

But if you’re looking for an alternative to the classic white yet still want to stay on trend with your summer nails, why not give our Creme Brȗlée dip nail powder a try? This lighter yet bright off-white blend is an ideal choice for the rising trend of the American manicure - using more subtle, natural whites in place of the stark whites of its French big sister. However you wear it, Creme Brȗlée will always scream summer no matter the occasion, no matter the weather!


4. Countess

Speaking of American manicures, you’ll need a natural nude rather than a traditional pink to pair with your choice of tip colours - and Countess is the perfect dip nail colour for the job. This classy, evergreen shade is always a favourite at the start and end of the year, thanks to all the events filling up your calendar that you’ll need the perfect, one-look-fits-all summer nails for. Look no further than Countess for when you find yourself once again saying “I have nothing to wear!”


5. Peaches and Cream

Finally, stone fruit colours are the hottest and sweetest look of 2022, and our Peaches and Cream dip nail colour has it all right there in the name! There’s nothing like a classic summery dessert to lend a touch of sunshine to your fingertips, and Peaches and Cream is the perfect blend of pastel nude that gives your everyday casual a little playful edge. The ideal complement to the summer sunshine as you sail smoothly out of spring.

Now let’s jump ship completely to the other side; the side of parties, beaches, and festivals, everything we love about summer that’s defined by playful pastels.


6. Carnival

The first thing that comes to our mind when we hear ‘summer’ is parties and festive merrymaking. Sparkle shades are coming back in a big way in 2022. And with the Aussie summer coinciding with New Year’s Eve celebrations, Carnival combines both of these in the brightest, jazziest way possible! Let your hair down and let go of all the troubles of last year - and ring in the new one and all the summer fun with Carnival on your fingertips, our hottest trending dip nail colour!


7. Mauve Crackle

The Great Outdoors isn’t the only thing that’s making a comeback; mauve is making its return as the go-to neutral for 2022. We know you can never resist a bit of summer romance, and Mauve Crackle brings you the best of both worlds; for carefree summer nails with just the right amount of sparkle to catch an unwary eye. Looking for a feminine charm with a slight flirtatious edge? Mauve Crackle is the perfect dip nail colour for you!


8. Noosa Blue

Pastel blues will always be synonymous with the brighter seasons, but while spring was the time of lighter Easter-egg blues, your summer nails need to dial it up to 11 for when you hit the beach. And what better than Noosa Blue to channel the sparkling waters of the East Coast? There’s nothing more quintessentially Australian summer than a beach Christmas - so bust out those beachballs and bikinis, and slip, slop and slap on our Noosa Blue dip nail colour to brighten up that barbecue!


9. Persian Red



Classic red nails will never go out of style, and Taylor Swift has ensured that for the rest of the summer. So we’re feeling a more fiery, flirty vibe with our reds - like the irresistible charms of Persian Red. Give your fingertips a glow that matches the summer heat, whether to make a statement at work or as the life of the party; Persian Red is a jack of all trades, and a master of them all. Pair this dip nail colour with cherry red lips for the ultimate summer glam!


10. Candy Mint

Finally, a little birdie told us that limes and greens are all the rage heading into 2022 - and we combined Christmas and New Year into one with Candy Mint, a dip nail colour that’s both festive and on trend! Feeling like a candy cane, or a lime mint cordial? Why not both, we say. Candy Mint is the shade your tips need to liven up your summer nails while looking sharp for the ‘gram!


Summer is a season to be snap-happy, so if you give any of our trending dip nail colours a try, don’t forget to share them with us on social media!


Nadia xoxo