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What Makes A Salon Quality Dip Nail Powder?

June 13 2022 – Nadia Stamp

What Makes A Salon Quality Dip Nail Powder? - DIPD NAILS
What Makes A Salon Quality Dip Nail Powder? - DIPD NAILS

We may think dip powder nails are a recent invention, but in truth that might be the illusion of the system taking over your Instagram feed lately as a stay-at-home alternative to salon nails, with the dreaded P-word upon us and making us either unable or reluctant to enter one in person. Ever since SNS (the brand, not the system as it is commonly mistaken) first invented the revolutionary, easy dipping manicure system for use in salons, several brands have capitalised on all its best qualities, especially the fact that it’s easy and satisfying enough to do yourself!

This is the vision that DIPD Nails foresaw: bringing salon-quality products designed especially for you. Whether you’re independent and career-conscious women who might find yourselves working from home a lot lately, or stay-at-home mums with no time to book a salon appointment, we wanted to bring the dip powder nails experience right to your doorstep with all the professionalism a salon has to offer. But what exactly goes into making sure our dip powder nails meet these high standards that all our consumers love and swear by? Let’s get a low down…

A Big Step Forward From Gels

What made dip powder nails such a bestseller was that they don’t need to be cured or treated with a UV lamp to seal them in, unlike standard gel-type nails - meaning they’re easy enough to replicate at home with just a nail kit, and don’t dry your hands out from the harsh radiation of the lamp. Even better, the powder is usually durable enough to last up to three weeks - which is a big win over the two weeks that gel nails give you! Some people may complain that gel nails are smoother in texture, but it all depends on proper step-by-step application of your dip powder nails and the quality of your product. With robust dip powders, you can apply them to your acrylics too.

With DIPD’s proudly Australian made formula in timeless colours tested to give your nails a smooth and lasting finish, you’ll never have to worry about grainy nails that chip too soon. Just grab your favourite shade along with a DIPD Starter Kit, and it’s all you need for a homemade glam look!

Dip powder is applied by dipping the nail in the tin.

Keeping Your Fingertips Safe

One of the main concerns customers have when hesitating to try a dip nail system is whether it’s safe to use on your nails. There are plenty of knockoffs floating around Instagram and the internet aiming to make a quick buck on a convenient trend - beware! With the DIPD range of dip powder nails, you have the guarantee of our 100% vegan, cruelty free and allergy free formula that’s been specially tested and formulated to be safe for every kind of nail. It’s totally toxin free, so you don’t have to worry about any funky smells.

But another concern that may be more relevant in the new times we find ourselves in is the safety in how your dip nails are applied. As we’ve outlined in our tutorial, once you apply the base coat you dip your nail directly into the container of colour, which is also standard practice in salons. But with a salon technician handling both your nails and the powder, there is a greater risk of bacteria transmission (how many times have we heard “wash your hands” now!) - which is not the case when you’re doing it yourself. So with a salon-quality product like DIPD that’s designed for home use, you get convenience and safety all in one - makes isolation almost worth it, doesn’t it?

Excess dip powder is brushed off with a kabuki brush.

Making Removal Hassle-Free

No one ever said everything in life is easy, and removing dip nails can get a little tricky, which is why most salons prefer not to offer it as the removal process can be harsh on your nails if you have an unseasoned hand. But like everything in life, practice makes perfect, and the dip nail powder removal process is actually easier than you imagine and takes around fifteen minutes once you perfect it after a few tries. The process is similar to gel nails, but quicker since the dip powder nail is much thinner - so be sure to go easy on the concentration of acetone you use.

At DIPD, we believe in taking care of your nails through and through even after your manicure is off. Our Ultimate Bundle Kit also comes packed with an easy removal kit, perfect for home use, plus nourishing cuticle oil to keep your nail beds healthy and not too abraded from the removal process. All the professionalism and quality of a salon, packed into one neat little homemade bundle - what more could a girl possibly want?

DIPD Ultimate Bundle Kit with all products included.


With these strange new times we’ve found ourselves in, where we’ve had to take matters into our own hands more - salon-quality dip powder nails such as DIPD directly give you that freedom to never have to miss out on a manicure. And even out of lockdown, while salon trips can still be reserved for special occasions, your everyday mani can be done by yourself right at home - and as the number one dip powder nail brand in Australia, that’s what we believe the future of nails will be.