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The Best At Home Dip Nail Kits for Every Occasion

May 20 2022 – Nadia Stamp

Dip Nail Kits
Dip Nail Kits

We haven’t forgotten iso life so soon, have we? Back when we were forced to shut ourselves at home, we embraced our beauty routines to look our best at home, too. And with nail salons inaccessible, we turned to creating desk salons - with handy nail dipping powders and at home SNS nail kits. We at DIPD Nails grabbed this opportunity with both hands and feet, with easy do-it-yourself instructions, vibrant shades and long-lasting formulas for all our products - all vegan, cruelty-free, allergy-free and 100% Australian made.

But just because we’ve moved out of iso and are back on the move again, doesn’t mean we have to leave behind our homegrown manicures and head straight to the salons again. In fact, investing in nail dipping powders and at home SNS nail kits can be a value for money solution in the long run and save you plenty of time once you’ve got the hang of it! Plus, the added health benefit of not requiring harsh UV lamps to dry out your hands and still getting that perfect gel-like shine - which is why nail dipping powders are taking over Instagram in a huge way.

So we at DIPD Nails have used all our style expertise and technical know-how to put together the best at home dip nail kits in Australia for every occasion, special selections of our high quality products - there’s something for everyone!

1. For the Dip Nail Beginner

We understand setting up an at home dip nail kit by yourself can be intimidating. Do I really need all these liquids? What do they do? How do I know the nail dipping powder won’t make a mess? Luckily, we’ve got your back, girlfriend. The DIPD Starter Kit provides everything you need for the best at home dip nail kits in Australia minus any frills and fancies. Just pick your favourite among our selection of gorgeous, classic dip powder colours to pair with the kit, and follow our foolproof instructions to get your dip nail journey started! It won’t be perfect the first time, of course - but practice makes it all worth it!

Dip Nail Beginner

2. For the Dip Nail Intermediate to Expert

Now that you’ve got the hang of nail dipping powder, why not experiment with colour combinations and different styles for different seasons? The Double Bundle Kit allows you to add an extra colour to your at home dip nail kit, and comes with nourishing oil for your cuticles in a cute convenient pen. But we recommend the Ultimate Bundle Kit for a fully-stocked salon style experience at great value for money, with a choice of three colours and a bonus fully detailed foil removal kit!

Dip Nail Intermediate

3. For the Classics Queen

If you’re on your way to mastering nail dipping powder and want to take on a classic look that can be carried around everywhere and lasts longer than regular French manicures, our French Starter Kit should be first on your Christmas list (whenever you want Christmas to be!) This handy at home dip nail kit comes with a French dipping tray that helps you achieve that perfect smile line even with dip nails. Just follow our simple instructions and you’re all set! If you need a refill of your dip powder colours, our Essentials French Kit has them all bundled up.

Classics Queen

4. For the Perfect Gift

With its revolutionary formula and ease of application outside of salons, nail dipping powder is the gift that keeps on giving. So why not gift someone the best at home dip nail kits in Australia to try out for themselves? Whether you’re treating yourself, or celebrating Mother’s Day, or just a special lady in your life, we’ve put together a bunch of dip nail kits with everything included, that are both classic looks and fun to play around with! Choose our Brights Starter Kit for someone you know is fun at parties, or our Lights Starter Kit for someone who likes keeping it low-key. What’s a more special gift than letting them look their very best in the comfort of home?

Perfect Gift

Have you tried any of our at home dip nail kits yet? What fabulous looks have you come up with? Share your happy snaps with us on social media!


Nadia xoxo