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MAFS 2022: Our Insights On The Hottest Fashions

May 20 2022 – Nadia Stamp

MAFS 2022: Our Insights On The Hottest Fashions - DIPD NAILS
MAFS 2022: Our Insights On The Hottest Fashions - DIPD NAILS

It’s that time of year again, ladies. Married At First Sight is back for 2022 to take over our TV screens and brunch catch-ups, and season 9 is already serving up looks as iconic as the couples who flaunt them. We owe so much to MAFS for turning Australia’s style palette on its head every year, even here at DIPD Nails - after all, that’s where it all began for us, and look where we are now! 

So it’s only right that we do a recap of 5 of this season’s hottest MAFS wardrobe choices and give it that special DIPD exclusive insight. Even if you can’t get your hands on the full outfits themselves, we’ve got the perfect dip powder nail ideas to go with any ensembles you put together inspired by them!

1. Domenica’s Red Floral Printed Dress

You have to hand it to Jack. If you’re going to make your Final Date memorable, why not surprise Domenica with a dress that she’ll never forget? And we’re still thinking about it hours after we’ve turned off our TVs, because it’s a statement piece like only the MAFS wardrobe can give you. When you’ve got an outfit like this which takes centre stage, your nails can’t take the attention away from it - but they can’t be bland either. And nothing fills those requirements like classic black nails, which our Black Glow dip powder colour is made for; or Slate for a more muted but solid shade.

Domenicas Red

2. Samantha’s White Dinner Party Dress

Samantha’s profession means she knows fashion inside and out, so we’ll forgive her for pulling out this classy number for the Dinner Party which has made its appearance in the MAFS wardrobe before (albeit in a different colour) - because she just makes it work so well. The gold chain-link belt is a truly iconic detail, which emphasises all the ways you could accent this piece, including your manicures. We’ve previously covered how to give yourself a French manicure with dip powder colour, and this is the kind of outfit that calls for one. But you could also go one step further with a metallic accent line, like Paris Shimmer.

Samantha’s White

3. Ella’s Tie-Dye Maxi Dress

Now this is a look that you need to be truly bold to pull off, as Ella has shown us time and again, bringing her A-game even to the Commitment Ceremony where you usually expect the MAFS wardrobe to be more demure. But hey, when you’ve got that confidence, we say there’s no point in wasting it! To best accentuate an experimental but dashing combination such as this one, Ella’s gone for contrasting shades on her nails such as the dark mauves or magenta, like our Sugar Plum dip powder colour. A stroke of genius!

Ella’s Tie-Dye Maxi

4. Tamara’s Blue Sequin Cut-Out Dress

It may be nearing winter, but mermaids will never go out of style. Tamara made a splash at the Reunion Dinner Party with this ingenious one-shoulder wrap number, with the long tie ‘tail’ and perfectly arranged sequins to create an effect like shimmering scales. It’s bright and playful without being flashy or gaudy, and that statement is clearly shown in her solid white manicure. You can recreate the look with our French White dip powder colour - or why not add to the colour with Noosa Blue?

Tamara’s Blue

5. Samantha’s Printed Coat Ensemble

Samantha is on this list twice, because she deserves it. This is one of the more unique highlights of this year’s MAFS wardrobe but also the most inspiring. The vintage-print coat with OTT red raffia sleeves is right out of a Fitzroy laneway shop, but pair it with the matching satin crop top and flared trousers in beige and you’ve got yourself a winner. And the crowning glory is the perfectly shaped nails, filed to perfection. Pick a dip nail colour choice that mirrors the striking pattern nicely, like Bettina or Orange Burst.

Samantha’s Printed Coat

6. Holly’s Go For Gold Ensemble

This is honestly one of the more underrated looks in this year’s MAFS wardrobe, but it’s certainly worth a mention for how brilliantly Holly pulled it off at the Reunion Dinner Party. The strappy gold heels and gold bangles bring the bling, but our favourite thing about this look is how versatile it is for manicures! Choose your favourite dip powder colour: you can match Holly’s subtle nails with Countess, or an ever-reliable pale pink like Pink Veil - or why not pair that bold lip colour with Scarlet Kiss?

Holly’s Gold

Have you put together some statement manicures inspired by an iconic look from the MAFS wardrobe of season 9? Share your snaps with us on social media!

Nadia xoxo